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ALTRA PRO: An advanced low-pressure hose solution for the fire service.

Introducing the ALTRA PRO: the reinvented low-pressure hose specifically engineered for the demanding needs of low-pressure attack firefighting. Based on our hose manufacturing expertise, this cutting-edge hose sets a new standard in the market, outperforming conventional options with unprecedented efficiency.

Experience the ALTRA PRO difference with a hose that’s not just designed but technologically evolved by our dedicated experts. Rigorously tested to guarantee performance, our hose will help you respond to challenges safely.

Engineered for optimal performance, the hose provides rigid flexibility while delivering controlled targeted flows to meet the demands of today’s increased fire loads.

3D Double Jacket

The ALTRA PRO’s 3D Double Jacket is a unique, patent-pending innovation from NIEDNER, meticulously designed for enduring performance with minimal elongation and a higher burst threshold. Its pioneering 3D jacket design offers exceptional durability thanks to its dual-layer construction, woven into a single cohesive unit. The inner hose jacket features a 100% polyester through-the-weave nitrile construction for exceptional durability. The outer jacket is weaved with 100% polyester threads and sealed with our proprietary ENCAPTM treatment which significantly reduces water absorption by up to 40%, further enhancing the hose’s longevity and performance. Combined with the through-the-weave technology, all adhesion concerns are gone.

Anti-kink design

Our industry-exclusive kink-resistant construction ensures a maximum potential for consistent and uninterrupted water flow, especially during critical moments, to maintain maximum safety.

Jacketed ribs

Unique hand grip design, equipped with industry-exclusive ribs for a secure grip and easier controllability. It can be an index reference for nozzle operators.

Wear warning

ALTRA PRO’s industry-exclusive safety feature: a high-visibility thread that emerges through the outer jacket. This visual cue highlights wear points, ensuring that you’re alerted to any compromise in the hose’s integrity.

Lower drag coefficient and abrasion resistance

Engineered for superior abrasion resistance, this hose delivers maximum strength, outperforming its competitors. The exclusive ribs also help minimize surface tension for a lower drag coefficient, as the hose doesn’t drag on its full surface.

High burst

The ALTRA PRO leads the industry with the best high burst ratings at 2100 psi. Even after its innovative wear warning is exposed, our hose’s burst capacity remains above all competitors, meeting, or exceeding NFPA1961 and UL-19 safety standards.

Superior loading

Meticulously engineered for compact stackability, it secures an optimal fit on any crosslay, saving time and ensuring readiness for any emergency.



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